Classroom Schedule
Room 214
1st:   8:25-9:10 Teacher Conference
2nd:  9:10-9:55 Communication Application/Art History/Study Hall
3rd:   9:55-10:-15 Morning Meetings/Announcements in Common Area
4th:  10:15-11:00 Communication Application/Journalism/ PE//Study Hall
5th:  11:00-11:45 Communication Applications/Journalism/ Career Planning/PE
6th:  11:45-12:30 Communication Application/Journalism/PE/ /Art History/ /Study Hall
12:30-1:00 Lunch
7th:  1:00-1:55 PE/ Art History/ Study Hall
8th:  1:55-2:45 Communication Application( Freshman Academy Spring of 2016)
2:50 Dismissal
  3:00-4:00 Job Site Visits (when needed)
 Friday  3:00-4:00 Staff/ Faculty Meeting 
Thursday:  Alternative Education with Mr. Long 10:15-11:00 Mentor Groups