Math Schedule

Math Schedule



Class Times   Monday thru Friday
7:30-8:00   Morning Announcements and Assembly for Pledges
8:00-9:00 1st Algebra II and College Algebra Class
9:00-9:45 2nd Geometry Class 
9:45-10:15   Student Break and Assembly
10:15-11:00 3rd Math Models Class
11:00-11:45 4th Math Models Class
11:45-12:30 5th Mixed Math Class
12:30-1:00   Lunch
1:00-2:00 6th Conference
2:00-3:00 7th Mixed Math Class

Team Planning

Course Syllabi


Algebra 1 Geometry Math Models Algebra 2
Foundations of Algebra Systems & Sets Basic Operations Set, Structure, & Function
Linear Equations Logic Linear Equations #'s, Sentences, & Problems
Functions Angles & Parallels Functions Linear Equations & Inequalities
Inequalities Congruent Triangles & Quadrilaterals Polynomials Polynomials
Linear Systems Similar Polygons


Algebraic Fractions
Polynomials Circles Measurement Real Numbers
Exponential & Radical Functions Area and Volume Probability Quadratic Relations
Quadratics Coordinate Geometry Personal Finance Exponential Functions
Rational Functions Transformations Taxes & Insurance Counting Principals
Probability & Statistics Review Banking & Business Review